Supply Chain Cybersecurity by Datarisk Canada

Verify™ Vendor Risk Assessments (VRA) can Prevent Damaging Impact From 3rd Party Data Breaches

Why Do Service Levels Matter?

According to a recent survey by "Opinion Matters", 98% of CTOs revealed that their organization was impacted by a supply chain cybersecurity breach while fewer than 50% monitor supplier service levels.

Verify™ Your Vendors

Ask about our systematic process for auditing the security of service providers, suppliers and partners before (or even after) establishing a working relationship with the vendor.

Monitor Supplier Security

Only up to 48% of companies monitor their vendors and suppliers' security practices, potentially running the risk of financial and reputational risk in case of data breaches.

Flag Supply Chain Risk

Ask your Risk Advisor to conduct Verify™ Vendor Risk Assessments (VRA) and confidentially report on your highest risk vendors and partners.